Weezer Bringing the ‘Blue Album’ and ‘Pinkerton’ to Boston

Weezer's Memories Tour in Boston

Weezer may have just released a new album (“Hurley” debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 in spite of its audacious Jorge Garcia-clad cover), but longtime fans seem to be more excited about a blast from the past – Rivers Cuomo and company are performing their first two albums, in their entirety, on back-to-back nights during their Memories Tour later this year.

Fortunately, Boston is on the short list of cities announced thus far. Weezer is scheduled to play the “Blue Album” front-to-back at the Orpheum Theatre on Dec. 14, and Pinkerton on Dec. 15th. The venue size is a bit puzzling – tour sponsor State Farm must be dishing out a pretty penny? – and tickets are sure to go quickly when they go on sale on Oct. 9. Each night’s set will be rounded out by a (different) set of greatest hits. More info at weezer.com. If you’ve got $500 to spare, you can get in on a pretty crazy VIP experience here.

“Pinkerton” is, of course, getting the deluxe re-issue treatment this fall (Nov. 2 is the rumored release date), complete with a second disc of B-sides and live tracks. There’s evidently even be a quadruple vinyl version in the works. Ay dios mio.

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