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From the Forest to the Sea – the fourth album from criminally underrated Ohio quartet Southeast Engine – was FiTi’s favorite album of 2009, so we’ve been anxiously awaiting its follow-up. Canary finally arrives on March 29 via Misra, and it’s a compelling step forward for the band, introducing an element of traditional Appalachian music to SEE’s rustic, rootsy sound. Check out the teaser track “New Growth” below, and be sure to catch the band at TT’s on Saturday. Warning: it’s an early show, but it might just be the best 8 bucks you spend this month. Tix here.

MP3 // Southeast Engine // “New Growth”

Here’s the low-down on Canary, straight from the horse’s mouth…

Canary is an album born out of Athens, Ohio – the home of frontman Adam Remnant. The songs focus on a family living in a small Appalachian town in southeast Ohio during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The album is simultaneously personal and social dealing with themes of growing up, hard times, family, and sustainability. Southeast Engine went in to record the album during the harsh Athens winter of 2010. They left the studio with an album that musically combines the band’s folk-rock aesthetic with the old-time elements of Appalachian music.

Click here to pre-order Canary on CD or limited-edition canary yellow cassette.

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